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Where are the Regulations on International Data Roaming Fees?

I have a 5 GB tethered data plan with AT&T which costs me $50 monthly. Whenever I travel to Canada, AT&T texts me about roaming costs. The cost of using my full data allowance while roaming without an additional subscription fee would be $78,643.20.┬áThat’s 1,024 MB per GB x 5 x $15.63 per MB. I guess an an illusory democracy …

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Subaru Ipod 3

iPod your Subaru Outback

Update: iPhone owners may want to check out iPhone your Subaru Outback Welcome CNET readers. You can purchase the MediaGate i-Kit FM Transmitter here. Or, read on for more information about how I modified my car. Recently, I bought a 2006 Subaru Outback 2.5i knowing full well a modification would be required to support an iPod. Subaru, like many manufacturers, …

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