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Posted on September 30, 2014 by Jeff Reifman

How to Install the Ghost Blogging Platform

Getting Started This tutorial describes how to install the open source Ghost blogging platform on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS at Digital Ocean. You’ll want to have a domain name or sub-domain registered for the app, e.g. If you don’t have a registrar or need more information, I recommend NameCheap. Creating Your Server Instance Sign up at Digital Ocean now, the Read More

Building with the Twitter API
Posted on September 22, 2014 by Jeff Reifman

Install Birdcage

BirdCage Installation Guide Birdcage is a free, open source PHP-based implementation of the Twitter API, covered in my three part tutorial series for Tuts+: Building with the Twitter API. More features are available in the premium version, Birdhouse. This guide walks you through installing Birdcage in an Ubuntu 14.04 instance at cloud hosting provider Digital Ocean; Read More

Posted on January 14, 2014 by Jeff Reifman

Build Your Own Email Features with Open Source Filtering Software

Filtered is an open source PHP-based IMAP mail filtering platform. While Filtered provides basic mail filtering features and learns from the folders you drag and drop your email to, it is also a powerful foundational platform to enhance and innovate email – with a number of unique features. We’re drowning in email and managing our Read More

Posted on September 5, 2013 by Jeff Reifman

Open Source Mailing List Application for Mailgun’s PHP SDK

If you’re a developer looking for a simple streamlined mailing list service – or a super scalable one, check out my tutorial at Mailgun’s blog: Open Source Mailing List Applet Using the Mailgun PHP SDK. This project is also written in PHP inside the Yii Framework, which I’ve found to make development very efficient. You Read More

Posted on March 25, 2013 by Jeff Reifman

How to Install Your Own Private E-mail Server in the Cloud

Install Your Own Private E-mail Server in the Cloud For a Gmail alternative, try FastMail. Digital Ocean’s $5/mo. fast SSD servers make a great choice for your private e-mail server. Background & Motivations The concept of privacy is rapidly under threat as technology advances – it’s clearly a time of great cultural change and policy shifts. Living in Read More

Breaking Open Facebook with Open Source Software – Part two

You can view the original version of this page in the Wayback Machine The following entry provides an open source social networking infrastructure inspired by my earlier post, “Breaking Open Facebook with Open Source Software – Part 1”. The architecture below provides a high level overview, not a detailed requirements specification. I invite your Read More