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Taj Mahal

Traveling India 2014

I was fortunate to travel to India in early 2014 with Portland-based yoga teacher Sarah Joy Marsh of the Daya Foundation and her travel group. The trip was organized by Redback Travels. My favorite photos from India are posted at Flickr here: Here was our itinerary (pdf): I’ve noted the hotels we stayed at with notes in case you …

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How to Secure Your Mac From Potential Theft

Thanks to The Loop and The Chronicle for promoting this post … follow me @reifman for updates: My residence was recently broken into (the alarm malfunctioned on entry and only went off as the thieves left) and two Mac laptops were taken. Luckily, I have good insurance and had an up to date Time Machine backup. Over the past week, …

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Top Affiliate Program for WordPress Bloggers

WordPress host WPEngine seems to have the most profitable affiliate program I’ve ever used. They’re currently paying $150 minimum per new referral (up to the entire first month’s account payment). It’s also a two tier program, so if you sign up other affiliate bloggers, you earn $50 per each of their customer referrals (they also earn the $150 minimum per user). There …

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Jeanne Sather, Journalist and Outstanding Educator 1954 – 2013

I met Jeanne Sather in 2002 in her adult extension course in non-fiction writing at the University of Washington. She died of metastatic breast cancer last month. Over the years, she was both a teacher and a friend. She hated a lot of the euphemisms often used to describe people’s cancer – so I’ll try to avoid them here. However, …

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How Things Change as Constitutional Rights Contract and Expand for People and Corporations

People often ask whether a proposed Seattle law such as Initiative 103 could actually impact the Supreme Court’s interpretation of corporate personhood and speech rights. Well, it wouldn’t be the first time a law from Washington State turned the tide of Supreme Court precedent and history in the process. In 1935, a Wenatchee chambermaid Elsie Parrish and her husband sued the …

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An Alternative for Writing for Free: My Response to Tim Kreider’s Slaves of the Internet Unite!

I can relate to Tim Kreider’s New York Times column on writing for free (Slaves of the Internet, Unite!) I’ve been paid for my writing on occasion but more often, I write for free by necessity. In full disclosure, as an eight year former Microsoftie, I don’t need to rely on income from writing for a bed, as Kreider describes, …

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Choosing .io Domain Names for Your Startup

This is part of an ongoing blog series on launching my startup Browse all posts in this series. When you’re preparing to launch a new startup, the domain name is critical. However, there are fewer and fewer dot com names to choose from – and purchasing one can be expensive. When I launched Geogram, I chose to purchase the …

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