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Posted on January 28, 2016 by Jeff Reifman

A New Business Model for Twitter

Only Customer Focus Can Address Twitter’s Decline Despite its 307 million users, Twitter’s market capitalization declined from $50 billion to $11.5 billion in the past two years. This is likely to continue as growth slows and its $100 million quarterly losses continue. In comparison, WordPress’ private valuation is at $1.16 billion powering more than 25 Read More

Posted on January 19, 2016 by Jeff Reifman

Exploitation Example from Patreon Hack

Last fall’s Patreon hack made it easy for anyone with basic technical skills to spam Patreon members. I received this “marketing pitch:” $99 for promotion of my profile in what seemed like a Patreon promotional opportunity: The funny thing is that with all of the emails from Patreon subscribers and donors now public, this “hacker” might even Read More

Shazam Autorecording: Can’t Turn It Off

[vimeo url=”″] I’ve uninstalled Shazam on iOS as it recently stopped allowing users to turn off auto-recording. I don’t want the app running down my battery listening for audio as I go about my day. I’m surprised this kind of UX “feature” made it through Apple’s store review process — it’s a bit of a Read More

The ManageWP Affiliate Program

Play Smart with ManageWP from ManageWP on Vimeo. Recently, I reviewed ManageWP for Tuts+ (coming soon). I was incredibly impressed with the quality of the service and its benefits — namely, the ability to update WordPress, themes and plugins for a network of sites with a few clicks from a unified dashboard. Turns out, they Read More

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