Month: November 2013

Off the Mat Advocacy Training in Seattle – with Seane Corn at Shakti Vinyasa

While it’s not on their website yet, I heard the Off the Mat Into the World is planning its awesome introspective yoga-based advocacy training April 9 – 13, 2014 in Seattle at Shakti Vinyasa in Ballard. More details when they...

/ November 28, 2013

Shining Light on Cutoff Culture

[fancy_header3 variation=”blue” textColor=”#000000″]Cutting off exes not only hurts our former partners but limits our own growth as well.[/fancy_header3] Most of us don’t blink when a friend says they’ve cut off an ex. But if you’ve ever been cut off by...

/ November 6, 2013

How Things Change as Constitutional Rights Contract and Expand for People and Corporations

People often ask whether a proposed Seattle law such as¬†Initiative 103 could actually impact the Supreme Court’s interpretation of corporate personhood and speech rights. Well, it wouldn’t be the first time a law from Washington State turned the tide of...

/ November 4, 2013