I loved this #BezosShithead badge posted in Seattle (beside an Amazon locker).

Jeff Bezos Diversity #bezosshithead
Jeff Bezos CEO of Amazon Will Displace, Surveil & Destroy Your Community

He’s an incredible capitalist success story, super intelligent and vicious when it comes to tax minimization and careless about its impacts.

We live in a democracy where we all pay taxes for our impacts on the community. Amazon, most of all, needs to.

After I wrote this OpEd in the Seattle PI telling Amazon to Stop Threatening Seattle over its planned head tax, the city reversed the tax. And months later, Amazon backed out of the development project it had threatened to anyway.

Posted by Jeff Reifman

Jeff is a technology consultant based in the Pacific Northwest. Check out Portland Wild, a visual map-driven guide to Portland's public art, its Heritage Trees and its Little Free Libraries.

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