After last year’s famous photo of Jeff Bezos eating an iguana, I decided to ask Paris M.F. to illustrate Bezos eating one of our beloved Northwest orca. Our residential pods’ population is dwindling towards extinction and its breeding population has nearly collapsed.

Paris had the idea that it should be a baby orca, probably having heard about Tahlequah, the mother who grieved her baby orca by carrying it on her nose for 17 days:

jeff bezos eating baby orca
Jeff Bezos Eating a Baby Orca, Illustration by Paris M.F.

In fairness to Bezos, the iguana he ate was actually an invasive specimen and the notoriety from the event was aimed to help educate people that turning invasive species into cuisine for humans can reduce pressure on native species. But Bezos isn’t entirely off the hook for the harm to our native orcas.

Bezos Eating an Invasive Iguana

The growth in the Seattle region, driven largely by Bezos’ Amazon, is one of the key impacts affecting chinook salmon populations that our resident orcas rely on. Population growth and the dramatic increase in commercial and residential development damages habitat and increases pollution and runoff that impacts salmon, their ability to reach breeding grounds and for their offspring to reach the ocean.

Governor Inslee’s plan to assist the orcas does nothing to reduce human fishing of chinook in Puget Sound and nothing to remove aging dams.

Without sufficient salmon, “over the last five years over a dozen whales have starved to death,” reports the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society’s Michelle Seidelman.

We are literally watching the end of the breeding population of resident Puget Sound orca pods. The population is already becoming increasingly inbred.

About the Artist

Paris M.F. is a self-described “Artisan of Dreams”. He’s a painter, ceramist and silversmith apprentice. He does illustrations and varied artisan crafts as a living, like jewelry and pottery. He studied fine arts, specialized in scenography and ceramics. And he performs tarot card readings and is an amateur poet and writer.

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