Welcome Molina Employees

Your company is very profitable but is participating in for profit management of health insurance that is hurting many people in the process of helping others.

I had brain surgery and radiation in 2015 and have been hospitalized once annually since then.

The public marketplace plan that Molina promoted failed to say that it excludes anesthesiology from its network relationship with Swedish. I was told Swedish was in network, but if I needed a second brain surgery there, and that’s where my neurosurgeon operates, I would have to pay additionally beyond my $12,383 out of pocket max to cover anesthesiology costs.

Molina also trained agents to tell customers like me during the enrollment period that Swedish was in network with the company. It wasn’t completely true. Technically, that’s fraud.

I have worked with the same doctor for most of the last nine years. The tiny networks of the public plans are forcing me to change doctors.

The network is also forcing me to change counselors for the fifth time.

You can’t know the damage that this does. The cost of the knowledge lost is incalculable.

These tiny networks and the vast gap between the private plans and the public plans are unconscionable.

You’re hurting me. You’re hurting many of your customers. And, frankly, you’ve misled them about the anesthesiology costs at Swedish.

You could have clearly disclosed that anesthesiology was out of network at Swedish on your list of anesthesiology providers but you did not.

I encourage to speak up to your management. Take a stand. Profit isn’t worth the impacts on people’s lives and health that your company is creating.

Universal healthcare is coming. Don’t be the last unemployed for profit insurance staffer. Look for something better before time runs out.