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Jeff Reifman, Pacific Northwest

Hi, I’m Jeff Reifman. Thanks for visiting. If you’re looking to contact me, here are a few good ways.

If you wish to respond to something I’ve written, please post a comment on the article.You can also tweet at me @reifman.

If you’re interested in talking to me about consulting, check out the Lookahead Consulting website.  If you wish to inquire about one of my domains for sale or past projects, please feel free to submit the web form below

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I’ve recently switched themes on my website and have had some problems re-activating the contact form. Please email me at jeff at lookahead dot io if you have a problem. Thanks!

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A Bit More About Jeff Reifman

Jeff Reifman is currently a technology consultant and writer with a wide variety of nonprofit and corporate leadership experience. Be sure to review my writing clips or browse places where I write, especially Tuts+.

Here’s a bit more about Jeff Reifman. Jeff helped lead the launch of MSNBC as part of his eight year career at Microsoft. He left to found GiftSpot, later acquired. He’s a three time grantee of the Knight Foundation. He’s known in Seattle for taking on Microsoft’s hypocritical tax dodging and Amazon’s overwhelming impacts. In 2009, he led the capture of missing writer Evan Ratliff in Wired magazine’s Vanish contest. He’s a regular contributor to Tuts+ Code. He is an avid snowboarder,photographer and traveler. He has more than 600 hours of yoga teacher training and volunteers teaching teens in substance recovery. He resides in the Pacific Northwest. Visit his resume.