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brush of seattle public street art

Explore Brush of Seattle’s Public Street Art

Explore public street art at Brush

/ October 1, 2020

Interviews with Jeff Reifman

Interviews with Jeff Reifman about Seattle and Microsoft Here are some of my favorite interviews and conversations about things I care about: democracy, Seattle and Amazon’s impact on the city and technology. Microsoft’s Tax Dodge – Mind Over Matters (YouTube):...

/ April 21, 2018
meeting planner scheduling wizard

Finding the best meeting scheduler

If you’ve scheduled meetings, especially group meetings, you know how difficult it can be to find the best time and place to get together. My goal with Meeting Planner is to provide the best meeting scheduler on the web. Today,...

/ February 22, 2018

Places to Find Writer Jeff Reifman

I’ve been a freelance¬†writer since 2002. I write about technology, politics, culture and even yoga. You can find my writing at a number of great websites and publications. I enjoy working with all of them. Places Jeff Reifman Writes Here...

/ May 16, 2015

Introduction to Stellar Digital Currency

Stellar, is more than digital currency, it's a decentralized, nonprofit infrastructure for financial transactions.

/ May 15, 2015

Building Your Startup With PHP Series

Learn what goes into building your own startup. My most popular series.

/ May 15, 2015