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Jeff is a technology consultant based in the Pacific Northwest.

Tire Chains for the Subaru Outback

While Subaru’s all wheel drive seems pretty capable of making it through almost any snow I’ve been through in the Northwest, if the police want to require chains or snow tires, they can. But if you need chains, the Subaru...

/ January 2, 2008

How to uninstall and purge a package in Debian

To uninstall or remove a package, use: sudo apt-get –purge remove <package-name> To list packages of a certain type you might want to remove: dpkg -l | grep ‘string you are looking for’

/ September 13, 2007

Microsoft Drops The Ball on Internet Explorer 7 Standards Compliance

You can view the original version of this page in the Wayback Machine. Microsoft often says it’s pro-standards – but typically, they’d rather own a proprietary interface or protocol than build a compatible system. As I relaunched the new...

/ August 7, 2006

How can I get query string values from URL in Javascript?

This is helpful Рsimple javascript code to get query string values from a URL: via Get Query String variables in JavaScript

/ June 26, 2006

iPod your Subaru Outback

Update: iPhone owners may want to check out iPhone your Subaru Outback Welcome CNET readers. You can purchase the MediaGate i-Kit FM Transmitter here. Or, read on for more information about how I modified my car. Recently, I bought a...

/ November 2, 2005

How to fix fatal error “Call to undefined function: mysql_connect()”

I thought I’d post this so people can find the answer more easily than I was able to. If you get this error when a PHP 4 page tries to connect to MySQL on Debian Sarge (testing release): Fatal error:...

/ May 29, 2005