Rain is from Emma Ivy’s 2020 album Aphid:

From her Spotify Bio:

Emma is a multi-disciplinary artist living in Chicago, IL. In January 2018, she released her first EP, “the Birds”, a small collection of the first songs she ever wrote on her own. Recording all of the instruments on her own with the help of her earbuds microphone on iPhone Garageband, it was as DIY as it gets Throughout childhood in Portland, ME, Emma played everywhere from dive bars, motorcycle dealerships, LGBTQ+ lounges, music festivals, TEDx events, in opera houses, and more. She found joy in playing live for audiences – especially in smaller intimate groups of friends and family. Developing into a performer and a writer, she began to let environmental influence come through in her art and music – earth tones, natural textures and sounds, and her identity as a woman have become prevalent themes of influence in her work. Being socially aware is important to her as an artist as she publishes writing on her social media platforms about mental illness, privilege, and the beauty of existence.

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