Getting Started with Filtered

Getting Started with Filtered

Add Your E-mail Accounts

Now, you should be ready to run the Filtered application from the website. Login in from your domain name e.g.

Use the Accounts (plural in the middle, not the far right Account menu) menu to register a new Email account. It’s best to create email accounts on a private WiFi or ethernet network that you trust.

Caution: Unless you install an SSL certificate on your server, the one time account creation process will expose your email account name and password over WiFi and the internet. This only happens one time. Learn more about Installing an SSL Certificate.

Filtered uses a salted mcrypt approach to encrypt your account credentials and never passes it over http again. When it opens your mail via imap, it uses SSL.

If you’re adding a Gmail account, you will likely be initially blocked by Google security settings. Configuring Gmail shows how to tell Google that you really want to access your Gmail via IMAP from this strange new server.

List Remote Folders

You can test your account access from the Accounts menu. Click list remote folders. If that works, then you can click Initialize Folders.

This will also show you the format and separators used by your mail server for managing folders. This can be helpful if you choose to create new folders and sub-folders through the Filtered web user interface.

Initialize Folders

Initialize Folders creates the +Filtering folders and sub-folders including +Filtering/Bulk, +Filtering/Review and +Filtering/Zap. You can also create these folders manually in your mail client or mail web site and add them individually here.

Browse our visual Guide to Features and learn more about How Filtered Works. You can also ask questions in our community forum.

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