Interviews with Jeff Reifman

Interviews with Jeff Reifman about Seattle and Microsoft

Here are some of my favorite interviews and conversations about things I care about: democracy, Seattle and Amazon’s impact on the city and technology.

Microsoft’s Tax Dodge – Mind Over Matters (YouTube): A conversation with Mike McCormick of Mind Over Matters on Microsoft’s multi-billion dollar tax dodge with the state’s royalty tax and its Reno based accounting office. See also a historical report of Microsoft’s tax dodge (Crosscut).

End Corporate Personhood Seattle – Mind Over Matters (YouTube): A discussion with Mike McCormick of Mind Over Matters on Seattle’s KEXP about Initiative 103, corporate personhood and the Center for Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF).

Here’s Jeff speaking publicly at the launch of Initiative 103.

Calgary Eyeopener Interviews Jeff Reifman About Amazon HQ2: Brief drive time interview with David Gray about the likely harms from Amazon HQ2 coming to your town. Transcript (CBC).

Interviews About Wired Magazine’s Vanish Contest

Found: Wired’s Missing Man (CBS News): CBS News Science and Technology Correspondent Daniel Sieberg interviewed Jeff Reifman–the man who tracked down Wired Magazine writer Evan Ratliff.

Amanda Congdon’s Internet Justice: Bill Gates Owes a Billion. Fun interview with Congdon about Microsoft’s not so fun multi-billion dollar Nevada tax dodge.

Interviews about Habitat Espresso

Habitat Espresso was part of an effort to start a nonprofit coffeehouse in Seattle which gives back to the community:

NBC News’ Farland Chang Interview on Habitat Espresso: Great overview of the beginning of my effort to start a non-profit coffee shop in Seattle.

Lehrer News Hour covering Habitat Espresso as part of its interview series with Microsoft millionaires doing good in their community including the amazing Trish Millines Dziko.

You can see more interviews with me about Habitat Espresso here.

Interviews with Jeff Reifman about Technology

Jeff Reifman On Yii Framework And His Influence In PHP (Cloudways) A discussion with Shahroze Nawaz on my path towards becoming a software developer, specifically with PHP and the Yii Framework.

Facebooking the News, a brief interview about the Facebook news sites we piloted with Knight Foundation grants (see coverage of Hot Dish and the Community Starter website). The platform was also used as a honeypot to help catch Wired Magazine’s missing writer, Evan Ratliff (above).