Initiative 103

Followup News:

Mar 8: Court whacking of Seattle on phone books lets corporations run legally amok, Crosscut

Mar 5: Don’t Want a Phonebook? Give Up Your Privacy (Slashdot)

Mar 2: $782K total tab for city’s suit against Yellow Pages (Seattle Times)

Mar 1: City Paid $264,503 In Outside Counsel Fees As Part of Yellow Pages Lawsuit (Seattle Weekly), also in The Stranger’s Slog

Feb 21: Corporations are people, so the city of Seattle can’t have an opt-out policy for spammy phonebooks no one wants (BoingBoing)

Initiative 103 In the News:

Jan 23: Imitation of I103 wedding by Occupy Wall Street and Move to Amend: If corporations are people, would you let your sister marry one? (BoingBoing)

Aug 15: The Stranger is Wrong to Mock i-103 (The Stranger’s Slog)

Jul 23: Washington’s King County voids marriage license between a person and a corporation (BoingBoing)

July 16-19:

July 14: Posters/petitions for Seattle residents against corporate personhood (BoingBoing)

July 9: Seattle’s stand against treating corporations as people (Crosscut)

June 21: Jeff Reifman speaking at the Common Good Cafe (Talking Stick TV)

May 14: Thom Hartmann Interviews I103 Co-organizer Jeff Reifman 52:29 – 59:52

May 9: Using the Mechanical Turk to validate petition signatures (BoingBoing)

May 7: Human Beings Are People Too My Friend (Eat the State)

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May 2: Microsoft, Amazon, Boeing face pushback for tax dodging (Crosscut)

Apr 25: We, the people, are the problem. It’s up to us to create solutions (Real Change News)

Apr 11: Political parties aren’t creating change. It’s time for the Common Good Cafe (Real Change News)

Mar 31: Video interview with I103 Co-organizer Jeff Reifman (Mind Over Matters)

Mar 29: Video of Initiative 103 Kickoff Event (Highlights)

Mar 28: Dare to dream of rights for people, not corporations (Real Change News)

Mar 14: The heart, not the ballot box, is where the fight for truth begins (Real Change News)

Jan 3: A Bill of Rights for Occupied Communities (Yes!)

Oct 14: Turning Occupation into Lasting Change (Yes!)

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