How to uninstall and purge a package in Debian

To uninstall or remove a package, use: sudo apt-get –purge remove <package-name> To list packages of a certain type you might want to remove: dpkg -l | grep ‘string you are looking for’

/ September 13, 2007

Microsoft Drops The Ball on Internet Explorer 7 Standards Compliance

You can view the original version of this page in the Wayback Machine. Microsoft often says it’s pro-standards – but typically, they’d rather own a proprietary interface or protocol than build a compatible system. As I relaunched the new...

/ August 7, 2006

How can I get query string values from URL in Javascript?

This is helpful Рsimple javascript code to get query string values from a URL: via Get Query String variables in JavaScript

/ June 26, 2006

iPod your Subaru Outback

Update: iPhone owners may want to check out iPhone your Subaru Outback Welcome CNET readers. You can purchase the MediaGate i-Kit FM Transmitter here. Or, read on for more information about how I modified my car. Recently, I bought a...

/ November 2, 2005

How to fix fatal error “Call to undefined function: mysql_connect()”

I thought I’d post this so people can find the answer more easily than I was able to. If you get this error when a PHP 4 page tries to connect to MySQL on Debian Sarge (testing release): Fatal error:...

/ May 29, 2005