Sending & Receiving Email

Sending and Receiving Email

In order to send and receive email from your custom domain name, you’ll need to register with an email hosting service of some kind. While you can host your  own email server, I don’t generally recommend it.

One popular option that is no longer free is Google Apps for Business $5 per month per user. Microsoft’s Exchange Online is $4.00 per month per user. Domain name registrars will often offer email hosting alongside your registration, usually for a fee.


However, with the recent disclosures of NSA spying on Gmail and Microsoft servers, you may also want to consider Australian, which has a variety of account levels to choose from. FastMail’s servers are hosted in the U.S. although it claims that only Australian personnel have access to them.

Without making serious efforts at encrypting each message and your entire mailbox, it’s virtually impossible to ensure that your open email is not being surveilled by the U.S. government. If you want to learn more about encryption, read How to Use PGP Encryption and/or Working with PGP and Mac OS X. You can find a broad introduction to available privacy tools at Reset the Net’s Privacy Pack.

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