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Donald Trump’s Advertising on my Lefty Blog

Pretty funny (and a bit horrifying) to see Donald Trump’s internet team paying for ad placements on my lefty blog, but whatever. As long as he loses.

/ September 18, 2016

Practicing Media Queries and Breakpoints

I found this one pretty helpful: @media only life and (max-energy-level: 60%) and (-caffeine-ratio: 2) { .editorBossperson { available-to:false; visible-to:false; } }

/ June 16, 2016

Institute of Computer Education

Seen in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India:

/ February 27, 2014

Ten Ways to Make NSA Spying Popular with Americans

With a more entrepreneurial focus, the NSA could easily counteract the current unpopularity of its surveillance programs and eliminate concerns over the cost of its multi-billion dollar programs. Here are ten services the NSA could offer to make its spying...

/ October 20, 2013