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Yii2 Programming Series at Tuts+

Learn Yii2, a powerful, fast, lightweight PHP framework.

/ May 15, 2015


[tabby title=”Highlights”] Selected pieces by Jeff Reifman. View the rest by sorting by year or topic above. Best of How Our Success is Ruining Seattle, also in BoingBoing, Slashdot and mentioned in Crosscut, GeekWire Using Social Media to Locate Eyewitnesses (Tuts+)...

/ December 30, 2012

Raised, in part, by Radio Shack

Update: Thanks BoingBoing for linking. My lil’ sister writes in to say, “you forgot to mention that you never let your little sister play your video games and she used to cry” and now she’s a corporate lawyer. Thanks also to CrunchGear...

/ April 29, 2010