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Digital Ocean API Console

Digital Ocean API Console¬†Installation If you don’t yet have a Digital Ocean account, sign up here. The tutorial for this console will be posted in early June at Tuts+ or browse my Tuts+ page for Jeff Reifman. This guide walks...

/ December 16, 2014

How to List Linux Processes by Memory Usage

Use this command to list Linux processes according to their memory usage in descending order (via Linux Questions): ps -e -orss=,args= | sort -b -k1,1nr | pr -TW$COLUMNS The output will look something like this: 181300 /usr/sbin/clamd 64144 amavisd (ch9-avail)...

/ March 25, 2013

How to uninstall and purge a package in Debian

To uninstall or remove a package, use: sudo apt-get –purge remove <package-name> To list packages of a certain type you might want to remove: dpkg -l | grep ‘string you are looking for’

/ September 13, 2007