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New York Times on Climate Change: “There’s not a lot of news in this area.”

Today’s Quote of the Day: [pullquote1 quotes=”true” align=”center” textColor=”#000000″]There’s not a lot of news in this area – we’re watching glaciers melting – so there isn’t an urgency to get things into the paper right away[/pullquote1] – Elisabeth Rosenthal, New York...

/ January 11, 2013

Assaulted and Bullied by Q13 Fox’s James Lynch and his Cameraman at Westlake Park

Update: None of my calls from Q13 Fox have been returned. Coincidentally, I’ve since learned that its last news director resigned over failing to turn over video of police brutality. This may be an indication of the prevailing corporate culture over...

/ June 15, 2012