• http://dan.tobias.name/ dtobias

    When I see articles on “how to move off Gmail”, I’m in the same position I was with regard to articles a decade or so ago about “how to move off Internet Explorer”… I never moved ON those things in the first place. In web browsing, I moved straight from Netscape to Mozilla. In e-mail, I’ve always used a desktop mail client (not M$ Outhouse) to get mail sent to my own domain.

    • CryptoMidas

      Thank you, dtobias, for reminding the internet of the technical superiority a proper beard ensures.

  • apater

    In searching for a gmail alternative, I always come across a catch. Labels. What email server supports labels instead of folders?

  • http://boi-infinity.com/ Chris Bunting

    My bad, I didn’t see the other link..

  • theSiberman

    Telecommunications service providers are required to hold metadata in Australia for two years now according to this recent bill. http://www.aph.gov.au/Parliamentary_Business/Bills_Legislation/Bills_Search_Results/Result?bId=r5375

    Does this nullify the advantages of FastMail to some degree?

    • http://lookahead.io/ Jeff Reifman

      Not sure. The FastMail servers are in the U.S. It’s team is in Australia. Would need to ask them – which still might not give you a complete answer.

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