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Invasion of the Killer Whales: Orcas Hunting Narwhal

This PBS Nature documentary from 2014 showing how Killer Whales are already exploiting climate change to hunt previously protected Narwhal is seriously frightening and amazing. There’s footage of starving polar bears beginning to find new ways to survive — they try to climb cliffs towards bird nests and hunt for salmon like Grizzly Bear (and mostly fail). You can watch …

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Hurricane Sandy Subway Flooding 537x373

New York Times on Climate Change: “There’s not a lot of news in this area.”

Today’s Quote of the Day: – Elisabeth Rosenthal, New York Times Environmental Reporter The environment and climate change is and will be the biggest story of the 21st century and The New York Times failure to adequately cover this issue makes it part of the problem. via Jay Rosen on Twitter

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