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Clinton Email Tweet Feature

Why Clinton Email Server Has Legs

The political left may want the media to let the Clinton email server story die but I think it highlights some of the more troubling aspects of our experience with the Clinton legacy. While the most obvious reason Hillary Clinton would run her own email would be to gain control over archiving and public disclosure requests such as FOIAs and …

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Esquire’s Rens Lieman Asks You to Hack His Data

Rens Lieman, a contributing editor at Esquire magazine (Dutch edition), is launching a privacy experiment asking hackers to discover all the data they can gather about him: Rens has asked that you share any data you find with him. It’s important to him that no information that might harm other people be published and that details that might allow for …

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How to Install Your Own Private E-mail Server in the Cloud

Install Your Own Private E-mail Server in the Cloud Background & Motivations The concept of privacy is rapidly under threat as technology advances – it’s clearly a time of great cultural change and policy shifts. Living in Seattle, authorities can track me via cell phone, automated license plate reader, bus pass, and even the transmitter in my drivers license. And, if a …

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