Rens Lieman, Esquire

Rens Lieman, Esquire

Rens Lieman, a contributing editor at Esquire magazine (Dutch edition), is launching a privacy experiment asking hackers to discover all the data they can gather about him:

[blockquote]For Esquire, I wanted to write a story about online privacy and the way information about us, civilians,  is stored in so much online databases. Since I’ve read about hackers hiring their services (like stealing credit card information) on dubious internet forums for shockingly affordable prices, I planned to getting myself hacked in order to show our readers how much data/information there is about me (and therefore anyone else) online. Therefore, I’m asking around if hackers, social engineers, coders, software engineers, etc, can help me out by trying to find out everything they can about me. Locations, credit card date, mails, cell phone records, web history, etcetera. I’ll publish their findings, though it will be probably private and potentially embarrassing stuff about me.[/blockquote]

Rens has asked that you share any data you find with him. It’s important to him that no information that might harm other people be published and that details that might allow for financial fraud be protected. e.g. credit card numbers and security codes. Says Rens:

[blockquote]Exposing the nature of the findings is good though, and I would like to get in contact with the ones who find the most interesting stuff to have them share their exact findings with me. I’ll publish everything in Esquire, as long as it is safe to do so and doesn’t involve other people. [/blockquote]

If you would like to participate, you can collaborate with others via the Twitter hashtag #hackrens. Please also retweet this announcement: Rens Liemans Wants You to Hack Him.

Here’s some basic information we know about him:

Email addresses:
About Me:

Rens contacted me because of my involvement in finding Evan Ratliff in Wired’s Vanish contest.

Posted by Jeff Reifman

Jeff is a technology consultant based in the Pacific Northwest.

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  1. Thanks for the support Jeff! We do however need to control this a bit, so everyone who’s willing to give it a try: dig in, share the nature of your findings if you like but keep the content to yourself for now. I’ll make sure to contact you afterwards and publish it all in the next edition of Esquire magazine – the Dutch edition.


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