The Seattle Times failure to cover Microsoft’s $1.5 billion Nevada tax dodge is finally in the news again this week: The Stranger’s Slog Seattle Times Realizes Microsoft’s Running the Legislature, Slashdot Former Microsoft Managers Now In Charge of Washington State’s Budget and KEXP’s Mind Over Matter’s segment hosted me this morning for 30 minutes on the topic (mp3 to be posted).

In the past, I’ve written about my 2 hour meeting in 2010 with the paper’s Executive Editor David Boardman and a small group of his journalists, how his pledged coverage didn’t materialize and how the paper seems to have a conflict of interest with Microsoft’s Nevada tax dodge overseer Executive Vice President Brad Smith, staying silent on his tax dodge but publishing his editorial to raise sales taxes.

But finally today, with all of this in the news, I noticed that Boardman’s reporting on Microsoft through his twitter feedThe Bill Gates Handshake: Offensive, or Just Weird? A Photo Investigation. I agree with Boardman, Gates has a freaky handshake. Go ahead, read it. Then read about his paper’s coverage of Microsoft’s $4.37 billion in tax savings and Washington State’s $4 billion in education cuts.



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