WPEngine Affiliate ProgramWordPress host WPEngine seems to have the most profitable affiliate program I’ve ever used. They’re currently paying $150 minimum per new referral (up to the entire first month’s account payment).

It’s also a two tier program, so if you sign up other affiliate bloggers, you earn $50 per each of their customer referrals (they also earn the $150 minimum per user). There is also a volume bonus program. Sign up for the WP Engine affiliate program here.

I’ve been earning about $500 per month since joining four months ago. It’s by far the most profitable affiliate program I’ve ever used.

I’ve done well in part due to the popularity of my Installation Guide for WordPress and Amazon’s Web Services. While the tutorial describes self hosting on AWS, many readers realize their skill set is a better fit for managed hosting and jump off to WPEngine.

Bloggers who cover WordPress and WordPress hosting should definitely look into signing up as an affiliate.

I’ve heard good things about WPEngine from customers and found their affiliate support team very proactive and helpful.

There is always the risk that WPEngine might lower their affiliate compensation in the future, but I see no signs of this at the moment. Update: My WPEngine contact says that it has no plans to reduce affiliate commissions.

I also like Digital Ocean. Not only are their services great (this blogs runs there) but their affiliate program works well. They pay $25 with every referral that pays out $25. It’s not a two tier system though. Learn more.

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