Update: In the past month, UnitedKids.com sold for $299, and I sold my first two io domains, Therapy.io for $500 and Snowboard.io for $1000.

While some people worried that the emergence of new gTld extensions (e.g. .ninja) would flood the domain name aftermarket, I’ve actually seen new attention and interest in my own domain portfolio. In the past few months, I’ve netted six sales: Lead1.com $275, ZenEye.com $339, RadioDna.com $69, SonicPlanet.com $499, ActiveChristian.com $250 and Newscloud.net $239. digitalocean-bannerHow do I sell my domain names? I host my domains on a parking page theme meant for domain sales with clear pricing and contact links. Each page also links to my complete portfolio listing. I use an Excel spreadsheet to auto-generate code: html for listings, javascript for pricing and Apache configurations for site hosting. I also have lowered prices on my domains this past year to increase sales – a tactic that seems to be working. I’m happy to sell handfuls of domains at low prices to fund registration costs for my more valuable domain names which I plan to hold for higher offers. My preferred domain registrars are NameCheap and Gandi.net (for .io). Gandi’s re-usable zone files are super handy for parking domains for sale. I’ll probably also be moving my parking pages to Digital Ocean soon. I use the Domena parking theme from ThemeForest.

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