My latest PHP application lets you manage and build on the Twitter API; it’s called Birdhouse.

Here’s a summary of the features that Birdhouse currently offers:

  • Manage multiple Twitter accounts
  • Support for the Twitter REST API and User Streaming API
  • Syncing and browsing the home timeline, user timeline, mentions, favorites
  • Syncing and browsing your entire historical user timeline, mentions (up to 800) and favorites
  • Access to your Twitter history in MySQL (for do it yourself data mobility)
  • Archive favorites to Pocket and optionally unfavorite them on Twitter for privacy
  • Syncing and browsing friends and followers, including their follow counts and Klout scores
  • Managing your owned Twitter lists, creating new lists, adding groups of users to lists and removing members from lists
  • Posting tweets, scheduling tweets for a specific date and time
  • Posting recurring tweets with time randomization
  • Posting tweets via pre-defined echo patterns to increase exposure over a few days, a week or a month
  • Auto-deletion of older tweets older than a certain time range e.g. 30 days
  • Collects email addresses from the bios of your friends and followers.

Browse the whole feature guide. And, there’s more to come. Please check it out.

My other offerings include:

  • Simplify Email – a powerful mail filtering application for IMAP e.g. gmail
  • Simple Monitor App – a do it yourself server monitoring application with smartphone notifications
  • WordPress Quickstart – a pre-configured, pre-optimized installation of WordPress to help you launch sites in minutes

Posted by Jeff Reifman

Jeff is a technology consultant based in the Pacific Northwest.

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