Building Your Startup With PHP

The most popular series I’ve written for Tuts+ is Building Your Startup With PHP. For the series, I am guiding readers through every stage of a small startup called Meeting Planner. I’m building the application in Yii2, a framework for PHP.

About Building Your Startup With PHP

Earlier this year, I grew interested in simplifying the meeting scheduling process. In my view, the proprietary calendar systems such as Google Calendar, Apple Calendar and Microsoft Outlook have failed to make scheduling as easy as it could be. My big complaint is the number of back and forth emails typically required to schedule the average meeting. I had an idea for a planning application that would make the process much less annoying.

I love the creative process and I enjoy sharing my knowledge with others. I thought it would be valuable to set forth the internal process I use as I go through the process of formulating a new product idea, clarifying its business concept, and moving through the stages of implementation.

The series is geared towards walking you through the stages of transforming a cool business concept into an actual startup. If you’re an idea person curious about the entrepreneurial process, this is for you.

All of the code for our MeetingPlanner application will be released via open source.

New episodes will be published regularly throughout 2015 – usually between two and six weeks apart. A number of episodes are already in the works.

Eight episodes have been published already with more on the way. You can look ahead at the planned Table of Contents.

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Posted by Jeff Reifman

Jeff is a technology consultant based in the Pacific Northwest.