For some reason Adobe added their updater to the menu bar by default and made it extremely difficult to remove on OS X. It’s super annoying because they also place a menu bar icon for the Creative Cloud manager. And, there’s not much on the web to clearly explain how to remove the Adobe updater from your menu bar in recent versions of the Creative Cloud software.

Here’s how to remove the Adobe Updater from your menu bar on OS X:

1) Open any Adobe Creative Cloud application such as Photoshop

2) From the Photoshop Help menu, click Updates…

Remove the Adobe updater from your menu bar

3) When the Adobe Application Manager loads, click the Preferences button

Adobe Application Manager

4) Unclick the checkbox for Notify me of new updates on theĀ menu barĀ and click the OK button

Adobe Updater Menu Bar Option

That should remove the updater.

Posted by Jeff Reifman

Jeff is a technology consultant based in the Pacific Northwest.