Stellar Digital Currency

What Is Stellar?

Stellar is a lot more than a digital currency or a Bitcoin alternative. It’s a decentralized, nonprofit infrastructure for financial transactions.

You can learn about Stellar at my Tuts+ guide: Introduction to Stellar: A Decentralized, Nonprofit Infrastructure for Financial Transactions. Here’s an excerpt:

I’m sitting at my favorite coffeeshop as I write this. For many years, it refused to accept credit cards because the owners didn’t want to pay the merchant transaction fees, typically 3%. In fact, the credit card cartels and their transaction fees represent a significant, ongoing drain on our economy which we accept for a certain level of fluidity. In 2013, I asked if it was time for the U.S. Treasury to provide a digital cash solution.

Stellar, a new open source, decentralized currency and financial trading system may deliver on this promise.

The Stellar system, its team, advisors and progress to date very much impressed me. The more I explored, the more depth I discovered. By the end of my explorations, I was eager to dive deeper into the development platform. This isn’t often the case when exploring new APIs.

In this tutorial, I’m going to give you a broad overview of the Stellar concept and platform. It’s likely I’ll offer future tutorials that dive into coding with the API.

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Posted by Jeff Reifman

Jeff is a technology consultant based in the Pacific Northwest.