It’s always been difficult to find good pizza in the Pacific Northwest. But, Hogstone’s Pizza on Orcas Island is pretty amazing:

Hogstone Pizza Orcas Island

The next time you’re on Orcas Island, be sure to check it out. It’s right in Eastsound at the center of town. Here’s a streetside view of Hogstone’s:

Hogstone Wood Fired Pizza

The Seattle Times has a history of being wrong, but it’s not about Hogstone’s: Orcas Island Farmer-Chef

[pullquote2 quotes=”true”]

More than a few disaffected youths have found fulfillment through hard work and a lot of them end up in restaurant kitchens. Jay Blackinton’s path to the kitchen at Hogstone’s Wood Oven, the Orcas Island restaurant he co-owns with John Steward, founder of Maple Rock Farm, took him first through the fields.

The pizza is extraordinary, but so is the other half of the menu, a handful of small plates showcasing supremely fresh ingredients manipulated to achieve thrilling depths of flavor. The porcine intensity of a much-reduced sauce for braised pork neck comes to mind, as does a vinaigrette bolstered with charred onion stems uniting a salad of onion hearts, raw chard and pickled chard stems.[/pullquote2]

And even if you don’t like the pizza for some reason, the nearby view is pretty stellar – here’s the evening view looking south of Eastsound caught with just my iPhone:

Orcas Island

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