Last week, I wrote about the explosive Amazon growth still planned around South Lake Union: six forty story buildings, seven over 20 stories where there none that size now. Few people recognize the amount of construction and density across Seattle without almost any commensurate public transportation investments as required by the state’s Growth Management Act. The state legislature passed a $16 billion dollar roads bill without public transit, leaving that for a future ballot initiative. The financially insufficient Seattle bill is flawed enough to be heavily criticized by the League of Women Voters. I decided to shoot some photos and video of what’s happening on the ground.

Seattle’s Amazon Growth

Here’s a panorama of southern Lake Union and the Amazon office park – you can also browse it at Gigapan:

I’ve posted a photographic series at Flickr called Amazocalypse with a few highlights below:

Please be sure to check out the entire gallery of images: Amazocalypse at Flickr.

There’s also a short video “flyover” video on Vimeo:

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