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Traveling Amtrak in the Northwest

amtrak seattle

King Street Station, Seattle

Traveling in the Northwest by Amtrak was relaxing and beautiful. There were almost no lines and they seemed to know I was carrying a real laptop and had purchased my water at the train station. After having been felt up before a recent flight, I was inspired by Amtrak’s common sense, light touch transformation of modern security to imagine a new marketing campaign for them. Some of the images have background stories which you can read by clicking on them.

Thank you to security expert Bruce Schneier for highlighting this post. Also, a shout out to Chris Pecora for permission to use his growling growler image. If you enjoy this, please read The Obvious Appeal of Disruption (and Donald Trump).

Keep Your Belt On tsa

Keep Your Belt On, We Hardly Know You

breast milk tsa

We understand the breast milk is for your baby

nipple piercing tsa

you have a nipple piercing, it’s okay, we get it

x-rays tsa

Unless your leg is broken, no x-rays!

felt up tsa

we won’t feel you up

security theater tsa

even our security theater is invisible

toiletries quart size bags tsa

we don’t want to see your toiletries

3.4 ounces tsa

growler friendly, 3.4 ounces our ass (growler illustration by Chris Pecora)

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Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump - Caricatures

By DonkeyHotey via Wikimedia Commons

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