Donald Trump is a racist, fascist, xenophobic, misogynist appointing extremists to lead positions in his administration. Nothing he says is true or to be relied upon. The New York Times got played. America got played and at the root of their ignorance is generations of unhealed racism and a decline in our investments in public education and journalism.

But Donald Trump is also a sensitive narcissist concerned about his image and we will exploit this weakness with art of all kinds.

Here’s a few templates I’ve been playing around with since it became clear that he’s concerned about certain photos floating around the Internet. Please use them and share them.

donald trump

Images of Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Donald Trump and The Nazis

Russia's Putina nd Donald Trump

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin

Free Donald Trump Photos

Free Open Source Donald Trump Art Photo Matrix

Donald Trump Art

Free Open Source Donald Trump Art Photo Matrix

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Jeff is a technology consultant based in the Pacific Northwest.

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