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I’ve been working hard since the election to challenge Donald Trump’s “policies” on Twitter. I grew up with physical abuse for seven years; I know an abuser when I see one. We just can’t be silent because the GOP Congress is already letting Fascism roll over America.

Don’t believe me? The first thing they tried to do was eliminate the Government Ethics oversight. Sure, they stopped for the moment but it’ll disappear when you’re not paying attention. Or, how about Emoluments? Protecting the Constitution is a joke to Speaker Paul Ryan. He doesn’t care how many people will die when they repeal the ACA (it paid $265,000 towards my brain surgery and radiation).

I’m writing to share which replies I’ve posted on Twitter to Donald Trump that have been the most successful and hope we can all learn from it.

Tweet at Donald Trump

Twitter Analytics: Most Successful Tweet at Donald Trump

I’ve tried many different approaches. I try to go high but sometimes I play hard or go low. When you’re dealing with a pathological liar with narcissistic personality disorder who runs the government, we have to do whatever it takes to challenge his authority and his comfort.

My goal is to undermine the positive benefits he perceives from his Twitter account.

He’s already calling his critics enemies. I rely on the protections of the First Amendment to do this and hope that the Democrats can keep it from being overrun.

In practice, I reply as quickly as I can to his tweets, which generally means that I write my content in advance and can’t contextualize it to what he’s saying. I frequently try to leverage the power of his lies and outrageousness back at him. Other times, I try to challenge his narcissistic tendencies. I want to erode the dopamine buzz he gets from Twitter.

I often leverage public images, videos by artists (or make my own) or news coverage. These are essential to a potent reaction. But, often, the response to my posts is linked to how controversial his tweet is. And, it does seem that people don’t follow him as closely now that the election is over.

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Here’s examples of what has worked the best:

Most Impressions: 625,522

Most Retweets: 520

Most Likes: 2,089

Here’s the next nine most successful tweets as generating impressions, meaning that the most people are viewing them:

370,646 Impressions:

361,989 Impressions:

329,908 Impressions:

304,416 Impressions:

277,902 Impressions:

267,938 Impressions:

242,509 Impressions:

220,343 Impressions:

Here’s a handful of good tweets that haven’t generated as much activity, in part because people don’t seem to be paying as much attention to Trump.

149,369 Impressions:

138,800 Impressions:

133,735 Impressions:

106,516 Impressions:

70,641 Impressions:

57,899 Impressions:

24,665 Impressions:

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Posted by Jeff Reifman

Jeff is a technology consultant based in the Pacific Northwest.

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