marriage of women to corporation

Angela Vogel with Corporate Person

Today marks what would have been the fifth anniversary of Angela Vogel’s marriage to my corporation, Corporate Person. On July 17th, 2012, King County granted their right to marry and then took to Facebook later to tell the couple that their license had been annulled.

Women Marries Corporation

Marriage License Corporate Person and Angela Vogel

While Corporate Person focused on its love for Ms. Vogel, other corporations have kept up their attacks on humanity and winning control of our governments.

Angela Vogel on Al Sharpton’s Politics Nation

Oh, what might have been.

women marries corporation

King County Crushes Couple’s Wedding Hopes via Facebook

Corporate Person arose from our work on Initiative 103, a 2012 attempt to eliminate corporate constitutional rights and corporate personhood in the city of Seattle while inspiring other communities to do the same. I103 was inspired by work of the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund and its writings related to the Occupy movement (Turning Occupation Into Lasting Change and A Bill of Rights for Occupied Communities).

Corporate Person Registration

The marriage and its wedding ceremony would never have occurred if not for the work of countless activists and I103 volunteers  who offered their creativity, passion and time, Pastor Rich Lang and Ms. Vogel. This was truly one of those moments in life where I had a fun conceptual idea to promote our initiative and then others took responsibility for it and launched it into an amazing event, bringing it to reality far beyond my imagination. Those folks rocked!

If you’re ever looking for an amazing multivariate photographer, definitely hire Alex Garland who shot the entire event and is also available for exclusively human weddings.

Video from The Wedding Ceremony

If you’re interested, here are some media and news links from the big day:

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