Update July 2018: If you are a Canary purchaser upset how they scammed you and other customers, please get in contact with me as quickly as you can.

Canary Security Cameras

Canary CEO Adam Sager Scammed His Customers

Here’s are some ways to fight back against Canary for bricking our security cameras unless we pay subscription fees (its product boxes said there were “no monthly fees”):

  1. Read Canary Scams Consumers, Disabling Devices Without Subscriptions and share this post on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and email.
  2. Report your Canary security camera scam experience to the New York State Attorney General where the company’s headquarters is located. Be sure to tweet at the NYAG Eric Schneiderman, he’s a hard core well-meaning politician with integrity. Also, report the Canary scam to your home state attorney general.
  3. Write a review on Amazon about how Canary scammed you.
  4. Visit reviews and news stories about Canary cameras and post comments about how Canary scammed you. Warn shoppers not to buy from this company.
  5. Contact journalists online, at your local newspapers, radio stations and technology websites to ask them to tell your story about how Canary scammed you. Be sure to tell them if you’re an early Canary Indiegogo supporter.
  6. Tweet at Canary founders (Adam Sager, Jon Troutman and Chris Rill) asking them if they think it’s ethical to lie and screw your crowdfund supporters and customers. Cc: @canary_scam and @scameraaa.
  7. Ask the stores where you bought your Canary to refund your purchase. And ask them to stop carrying the Canary security camera line. (Walmart’s Jet.com rejected my requests but Amazon and BestBuy have refunded customer purchases.)
  8. Google for class action attorneys and contact them about what happened to you. There are a lot of users affected by Canary’s bait and switch.
  9. If you live in New York, consider filing a small claims case against Canary and inviting journalists to follow the case.
  10. Stay in touch. Contact me to let me know you’re on the case. Follow me on Twitter @reifman for updates.

Good luck everyone! Let’s call this company and its unethical founders to account.


Posted by Jeff Reifman

Jeff is a technology consultant based in the Pacific Northwest.

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  1. THANKS Jeff.
    Also, monitor @canarysupport and @canary for tweets and replies to questions, and warn potential customers of their bait and switch scam.


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