Fox News is the most dangerous propaganda arm used by the right wing, corporations and Trump. Now it’s possible to block Fox News, its advertisers and affiliate stations around the country with the help of BlockTogether.

block fox news

Block Fox News, its advertisers and affiliate stations

Many people don’t even know they’re watching Fox or Sinclair owned stations as many don’t appear to be Fox stations. For example, 397,000 progressive Seattle residents regularly watch and follow @KomoNews without realizing that like other Sinclair broadcast channels, its a propaganda vehicle. Similarly, 112,000 Seattle residents follow @Q13Fox, supporting the Murdoch empire… and there’s no reason.

Just visit BlockTogether, sign in with your Twitter account and subscribe to the Block Fox News list.

Currently, more than 440 stations and advertisers are blocked with more to come. America Possible plans to add station personalities as well. The sites also focuses on providing different takes on activism. Two good reads include:

You can learn more about Block Together here.

Posted by Jeff Reifman

Jeff is a technology consultant based in the Pacific Northwest.

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