Listening to the first episode of the new Gaslit Nation podcast by Andrea Chalupa, Sarah Kendzior and Amy Westervelt leaves no doubt in my mind that Resident Real Donald Trump is a Russian asset and a traitor.

I have one suggestion for you: Wake the F*ck Up and listen to this podcast.

Everything that you think you know about this country is at risk. Everything that you think you know about activism will be put to the test in the coming months.

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In the first episode, “We Have A Constitutional Crisis On Our Hands“, Chalupa and Kendzior talk about the media’s unquestioning embrace of Paul Manafort despite his ties to black ops in Ukraine on behalf of Putin and Russia and the history of Trump’s ties to Russia and his support of Putin.

This season of Gaslit Nation will explore the domestic conditions that gave rise to this Frankenstein’s Monster of a presidency. After all, the Russians could not have successfully hacked the 2016 election if American institutions were not already in decline. We will discuss the crisis of income inequality that has rightfully created distrust of public officials and the media, the decline of voting rights and election security, why Mark Zuckerberg should never run for president (and other problems unleashed by Silicon Valley), the decline of newsrooms and the corporate consolidation of media, Trump’s long history of sexual assault and his ties to pedophiles and sex traffickers, the death cult of the Evangelical movement, the epidemic of fake news and far-right propaganda coming out of Russia and the U.S., and the original sin of slavery in America and its many incarnations today, including militarized ICE agents and the prison industrial complex.

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