If you’ve followed Alex Honnold’s climbing career, you know the physical prowess of his skills but also the inspiring way in which he manages his mental focus and compartmentalizes fear. His new movie, Free Solo, shines the spotlight on his athleticism through his multi-hour rope-less ascent of El Capitan’s Freerider route. Without question, he’s the greatest athlete in human history.

The movie also mentions that he’s an environmentally conscious, vegan. In other words, you too can be kind to animals, accomplish previously unimaginable feats of athleticism and have abs like these:

alex honnold free solo

Vegan Alex Honnold (and Greatest Athlete in the World)

I grabbed this photo from this Outside audio interview with Honnold.

A lesser noticed but also impressive feat shown in the movie just after the climb was that Honnold had strengthened his expression of emotions to tell his girlfriend he loved her.

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Tonight I’m off to see Reel Rock 13 which features Honnold and friends climbing in Antarctica among other things.





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