Whistler Blackcomb may be the greatest ski resort in North America and it’s had some slow starts. I’ve been there when the lower third of the mountain is grass in December. But apparently, the opening snow base is super thin:

It’s been almost 15 years since coverage on Whistler and Blackcomb was this thin—even with snowmaking, which has been challenged by temperature inversions—there is only a 25-centimetre base. Here’s hoping that as you read this, weather forecast predictions are coming true and it is snowing. — Weather Reality Check, Pique Magazine

It’s so bad that apparently, Vail resorts isn’t letting off duty employees ski or ride:

“This week, most locals will give it a pass. (WB employees have no choice but to give it a pass as Vail Resorts has banned workers not on duty from skiing and boarding to preserve the few open runs.)”

While W/B’s upper elevations will have snow for a long time ahead, the lower areas of the mountain may be unusable in the winter:

“Various studies suggest that precipitation will continue, but that a greater and greater percentage of it will fall as rain at lower elevations in ski resorts.”

Recently, the most honest assessment I’ve seen of society’s unwillingness to give up our pollutive cars and airplanes and hamburgers, has been delivered by South Park: ManBearPig: “Al Gore Was Right All Along” .

The sad thing is that democratic leaders have not done a great job of driving for an economy that leads the world in energy efficient systems. The longer corrupt Republicans remain in power, the more likely our children could be f*cked.


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