I spent last week podfasting to prepare for a roadtrip. What is podfasting? Look it up:

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Definition of Podfast

podfast n, the act of refraining from listening to any podcasts before a roadtrip or adventure abroad to maintain a sufficient number of new episodes to occupy your travel time

Of course this word doesn’t actually exist yet, so I decided to make my own Merriam Webster screenshot. Yeah, sorry, it’s not an actual Merriam Webster definition.

Merriam Webster apparently would have divided roadtrip into two words, but that just indicates they are behind the times. “Road trip” seems to indicate parking by a road and getting high. Whereas roadtrip, in its modern usage is clearly taking an adventure by car, disregarding the impacts on climate.

Podfasting can also be “the act of¬†abstaining from listening to podcasts for a chosen period of time to return to your pathetic, sheltered and uninspired existence.” I don’t recommend this unless you go off into the woods, far from cellular connectivity, to find your own inspiration.

If you do go into the woods, you should probably start your own podcast when you return.

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Jeff is a technology consultant based in the Pacific Northwest.

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