While the speed of climate change and global warming presents the need for immediate action, I appreciate long term tactics working steadily to preserve our ecosystem. The Archangel Ancient Tree Archive obtains DNA from both intact and fallen Sequoias and Redwoods to clone and propagate them.

I first heard about this through BoingBoing.

“Milarch and his team led an expedition to clone the saplings from five ancient tree stumps in northern California. Previously thought to be impossible to clone, the original trees are estimated to be up to 3,000 years old and up to 400 feet tall. The stumps range from 31 to 35 feet in diameter. By comparison, the world’s largest tree today, “General Sherman” in Sequoia National Park, is reported at about 25 feet in diameter.”

David Milarch, co-founder of the Archangel Ancient Tree Archive
The Fieldbrook stump estimated at 400′ tall and over 3,000 years old

In December, 2018, Archangel Ancient Tree Archive planted 75 Champion Coast redwood saplings that have the potential to grow into the world’s largest trees. These trees hold champion eco-technology that filters air, soil and water and are capable of removing record amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Super Grove Planted at Presidio

You can support their efforts on the donation page at the Archangel website.

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