BirdHouse PHP Twitter API Framework

Do more with your Twitter account. Birdhouse synchronizes your Twitter feed into your MySQL database providing a platform to build powerful new features using the Twitter API. Birdhouse starts you off with a number of new features including scheduling and repeating tweets, repeating from groups of tweets, tweet storms, browsing followers by Twitter & Klout influence and privatizing your favorites to Pocket. More features are listed below.

Birdhouse is a PHP/MySQL-based application written in the Yii Framework; Yii’s model view controller architecture and active record objects for the database make the code easy to learn and extend. If you’ve ever wanted to experiment with the Twitter API, Birdhouse is a great application to start with.

For a limited time, you can purchase the code for personal use at $25. A valet installation is available for $99. You can purchase a commercial license for your business to use for $99. A valet installation of the commercial license is available for $149. Purchase below or at this link. Valet installs are configured at Digital Ocean.

Birdhouse is built upon the free Birdcage applet described in my upcoming multi-part Tuts+ tutorial series, however it has a different database schema and many more features.

Feature Summary

Here’s a summary of the features that Birdhouse currently offers:

  • Manage multiple Twitter accounts
  • Support for the Twitter REST API and User Streaming API
  • Syncing and browsing the home timeline, user timeline, mentions, favorites
  • Syncing and browsing your entire historical user timeline, mentions (up to 800) and favorites
  • Access to your Twitter history in MySQL (for do it yourself data mobility)
  • Archive favorites to Pocket and optionally unfavorite them on Twitter for privacy
  • Syncing and browsing friends and followers, including their follow counts and Klout scores
  • Managing your owned Twitter lists, creating new lists, adding groups of users to lists and removing members from lists
  • Posting tweets, scheduling tweets for a specific date and time
  • Posting recurring tweets with time randomization
  • Posting recurring tweets from a group of tweets with time randomization
  • Posting tweets via pre-defined echo patterns to increase exposure over a few days, a week or a month
  • Posting tweet storms
  • Auto-deletion of older tweets older than a certain time range e.g. 30 days
  • Collects email addresses from the bios of your friends and followers.

Development on the codebase is ongoing. You can post support questions in our Lookahead Google Group and make feature requests here.

Purchase Birdhouse

If you would like to purchase a personal or broader commercial license for your business, please contact me or email me at jeff at lookahead dot io. Purchasers receive free updates through December 31, 2015; development for Birdhouse is ongoing but there is no commitment to specific features.

You can follow me @reifman on Twitter or contact me through Lookahead Consulting.

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