Feature Summary

Feature Summary

Filtered’s basic features are free and open source under a GPL license. The code is available at Github.

In addition to the feature summary below, there is a visual guide to features.

Basic Features

The following features are included in the free, open source version of Filtered:

Advanced Feature Module

The advanced module is available for anyone who contributes $25 or more to ongoing support of the platform. You’ll also receive free updates of the advanced module through the end of 2014. The advanced module includes the following features:

  • Enhanced email digests supports secure link to directly view listed messages on the web
  • Quiet hours with exclusions. Set quiet hours for various periods such as evenings, overnight or weekends and exclude specific senders such as family.
  • White listing email challenges unknown senders to verify their identity
  • Smartphone notifications by sender and keyword (requires Pushover application)
  • Privacy folder encrypts email to your web server
  • Routing via recipient mailbox aids management of using anonymous catch-all domains
  • Automated expiration of messages by specific senders e.g. delete messages from sender older than one week
  • Automated archiving of messages in the inbox based on age e.g. archive all messages older than one month

Ongoing maintenance and development of Filtered will rely on the level of support it receives from users and the open source community at large. Contribute $25 to receive the advanced feature module or make a contribution of any amount with the form on the right. 

Level of Support

WPEngine Affiliate Program

Additional Services

Please note – I will be unable to perform installations and code support after January 22nd for a short period. Please do not purchase them after this date.

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