How Filtering Works

How Filtering Works

Here’s a basic overview of how Filtered manages your email.

Step 1 – Processing the Inbox:

Your inbox is scanned every minute and new messages are moved to the +Filtering folder. If older messages are found in the Inbox, Filter trains those senders to route to the Inbox in the future. This supports drag and drop training to the Inbox from the Review folder or other folders.

Step 2 – Process the +Filtering folder:

Every five minutes, Filtered processes the messages in the +Filtering folder routing messages according to their settings – unless it’s quiet hours. During quiet hours, no new messages are sent to the Inbox and no new message digests are delivered (unless a sender is excluded from quiet hours).

Messages from unknown senders are placed in the Review folder for you to review and decide future routing options.

Messages are also scanned for specific senders and message keywords to trigger smartphone notifications (if active).

Recipient mailbox routing (if active) takes priority over sender training. e.g. If you have a recipient address that routes to a specific folder, this will happen first and sender training will be bypassed.

Step 3 – Process Recent Trainings and Detect New Trainings:

Filtered reviews any recently trained senders and moves messages from those senders to the newly chosen destination folder.

Then, Filtered scans your other folders to look for messages that have been dragged and dropped into them. If found, it registers new training settings for these Senders.

Other Processes

Throughout the day, Filtered will send message digests for each account according to your user settings e.g. hourly, daily, etc. Filtered will also purge the Zap folder.

If active, Filtered will scan the Privacy folder and encrypt messages there onto your server before deleting them from your email account.

Also, if active, Filtered will expire messages according to their sender settings and freshen the inbox, archiving messages that exceed the age you’ve set.

Browse our visual guide to features for more details. Questions? Visit our community forum.

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