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seatimes-paywallGuide to Free Seattle News Resources

With The Seattle Times rolling out its paywall in mid-March, I thought it would be a good time to put together some resources for Seattle news readers looking for alternatives. I’ve created two things that I hope are useful to you:

1) A comprehensive guide to free Seattle news resources. Use the menu on the left to browse. You can also link directly to options by adding the menu to the URL: e.g. This is also a perfect time to learn about using Twitter to read the news. I welcome your suggestions – email them or post them in the comments below.

2) An experimental automated news site using the selected feeds. Visit to see it in action. You can also embed it on your own site as I have done below or with a smaller headline widget. Just click the share button from its home page.

Kudos to Seattle’s Newsdex, a ranked guide to local media on Facebook, Twitter and the Web – which we used to help put together this resource.

Please share your suggestions in the comments below or email them.

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