Here’s what I’m currently working on throughout 2018:

Portland Wild

Portland Wild is a civic project to elevate awareness, accessibility and discoverability for Portland’s beautiful street art murals, its special Heritage Trees and its collection of Little Free Libraries.

portlandwild street art murals and heritage trees

Portland Wild – Street Art, Heritage Trees and Little Free Libraries

Meeting Planner

Scheduling meetings should be easy, my goal is to make them so. I began work on Meeting Planner as part of a build your own start up series at Envato Tuts+. It’s developed in the Yii Framework for PHP.

Meeting Planner simplifies the process of finding times and places, working across time zones, adding events to popular calendars and delivering reminders. It also operates in 21 languages.

find best time for scheduling

Meeting Planner’s scrolling calendar makes time selection fast and easy

Black Women in Politics Database

Luvvie Ajayi - Black women candidates

Black Women in Politics

Browsing the web after Doug Jones’ victory in the 2018 Alabama senate race, I discovered Luvvie Ajayi’s black women in politics list on her blog. Black women in Alabama won this election for Jones and inspired me to offer to build Luvvie and her volunteers a searchable, manageable database driven website. Black Women in Politics allows you to search for candidates and  find black women running for office in your state and follow, donate and volunteer for them.

This is not normal

Sometime after Russia stole the 2016 election, 99 Percent Invisible podcaster Avery Trufelman tweeted a query whether anyone knew about building Twitter bots. Since I had a lot of Twitter API code laying around, I helped her launch @this_isnt_norml, a bot which irregularly reminds followers that while Resident Trump “leads”, things are definitely not normal.

“I had this little pipe dream for a twitter bot, which he immediate volunteered to build, entirely free of charge. He made it happen quickly and efficiently, and handed me the reins for complete creative control (but continued to be in touch with sporadic ideas and thoughts for what the bot should do next). Whenever it appears in my feed, I feel very grateful.” – Avery Trufelman

America Possible

I launched America Possible as a website dedicated to my writings on activism and social justice. 20 Ways the 2018 Election Will Be Stolen documents historical and current approaches by which Republicans suppress the vote, steal elections and build power on their “successes”. Moving America Beyond Single-Issue Activism challenges the left to work together on building an actual democracy and to avoid working in often responsive, issue-oriented silos.

Blocking Twitter Advertisers

An initial side project of America Possible provides a Block Together subscription list to easily block 6,049 twitter advertisers (and counting). Twitter’s been slow to respond to abuse claims, slow to stop foreign involvement in propaganda and just unresponsive to its sheer amount of ads in our feeds. Our list provides a one click and subscribe option for Twitter users and activists to put financial pressure on the company.

There’s also a block list of 447 Fox News and Sinclair stations and advertisers.



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